Misty Jade 3.4 Ounces Of Eau De Perfume


Introducing Misty Jade, a floral gourmand fragrance that draws inspiration from the heartwarming flavors of young green rice sweet soup, a cherished Vietnamese delicacy. Prepare to be captivated by the perfect fusion of sweet and savory, delicately adorned with a bouquet of floral notes. Embrace the ethereal dance of African Musk and Buttered Toast, entwined with the velvety richness of Sandalwood. Allow the creamy essence of Coconut and Sweet Milk to envelop your senses, while the intoxicating allure of Vanilla lingers in the air. As the morning rain kisses the earth, the invigorating freshness of Grapefruit mingles with the gentle whispers of Grass. Amidst this harmonious symphony, the blooming treasures of Jasmine and Water Lily unfold, casting a spell of sheer elegance. Misty Jade invites you to embrace a fragrant voyage, where each spritz unveils a tale of indulgence and cherished memories.

Misty Jade notes:
African Musk, Toast (Buttered), Sandalwood, Coconut, Sweet Milk, Vanilla, Grass, Grapefruit, Morning Rain, Jasmine, Water Lily


Ashley Nguyen is a passionate fragrance connoisseur known by her handle ashley.fragrances on Instagram. Ashley’s journey into the world of fragrances has become a remarkable odyssey of discovery and sharing. With a deep-rooted love for scents that evoke memories and emotions, Ashley embarked on a mission to showcase her aromatic explorations on social media. Misty Jade is not just a fragrance; it is a love letter to Vietnam, a sensory tribute to the enchanting land that holds a special place in Ashley’s heart. Indulge in Misty Jade and let the essence of Vietnam captivate your senses.

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3.4 Ounces, commonly known as a large size in the fragrance industry.

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