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Have you ever envisioned your company to be branded by a scent? Maybe you have even considered starting a business based on a fragrance line. Its your dream, and we make it happen.

We work closely with business owners and corporations to create exactly what they envision in a way that they will help them profit best. We not only work one on one with you to create a custom fragrance that represents you, we also design the bottles with your logo or text on them. We know running a business isn’t easy, so we even offer a discounted rate for the more bottles you buy.


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Lets Keep It Simple

Being a business owner is hard enough, let us help you remove the stress from this portion of your day. We work with you to craft a scent and a bottle that fits your needs.

Unlike other companies, we do not require you to order hundreds of bottles at a time. In fact, you could order one at a time if you prefer.  Just remember to give us a lead time when you are ready to order more than 10 at a time. We do offer discounted rates for customers who are ready to order in bulk!

Want to order a few to start off with but afraid you wont remember your scent? We always keep everything on file so you can order as many bottles as you want, whenever you want. Need to edit your logo? We have a graphic designer on hand.

Don’t want the hassle of handling inventory and shipping yourself? We have options to sell your fragrance right on our website. You create and market your fragrance, we handle orders and ship your fragrance right to your customers!


Lets Keep It Simple

Perfect It

Worried about creating a scent online? Here at Scentcrafters we’re all about creating a worry free service. If your looking to create a fragrance line, we want to see you succeed.

If you are wanting to sell your fragrance on your own platform, we advise starting with 1oz tester bottles to start the process. If the fragrance isn’t just right the first time around, simply order more and we will make adjustments until your fragrance is a perfect fit. We then advise ordering one full sized bottle to confirm that everything is just as you want. After all the boxes are checked you’re brand will be ready for its own one of a kind fragrance.

Wanting to sell your fragrance on our website in the marketplace? We advise choosing a marketplace package that is the best fit for you! The Hobby Tier is best for customers who already love their fragrance they purchased from us. The Side Hustle Tier includes samples, and is best for a customer looking to discover their scent. Finally, the Pro tier is the whole package, including samples and an inventory, this is the most affordable way to have an inventory on hand.

Want help deciding which package is the best fit for you? Reach out to our team through email at



Perfect It


We know quality matters and that’s why we only work with the best products. We use 3.4oz professional glass bottles. The ink we adhere to the bottles is a specialty ink that we bake in a kiln to assure your logo will last. To make sure our perfumes scent is long lasting we use a high scent to base ratio when creating our fragrances. Your success matters to us, so we make sure to do everything on our end to achieve your customers happiness.

Have your own bottles? We can absolutely sell you just the fragrance in bulk with no bottles. Reach out to us through email for all special inquires.


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Why They All Love Us