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A listing in our Perfume Marketplace! You can start your own perfume business today. All you have to do is pick your bottle, scents, and give your bottle a name or logo. We’ll handle the rest, including selling and delivering the product to your customers!

After you order the package that works best for you, we will start working through email.


YOU can be listed in our Perfume Marketplace and have the pride and prestige of your own perfume line. Not to mention you’ll make money on every bottle we sell for you.

We have 3 tiers, each one includes different items you will receive. We recommend at least starting with the Side Hustle tier if possible.

If you aren’t ready to make the leap towards a business yet, we would still suggest creating a bottle of perfume. It’s fun, and we think you’ll love the process. You can do so HERE

Hobby Tier

Side Hustle Tier

Pro Tier


NOW! Is your time to start your own perfume business. We keep $27.99 of every sale, you get the rest! The sales price for your perfume is up to you. All you have to do is promote your fragrance either on social media or in person. We’ll walk you through every step, including the first step of making your fragrance.

Return Policy

We do not provide refunds on this product. It is a ton of work to get this set up, from sending samples, to taking pictures, to creating the custom web page. We do work with our Marketplace customers as much as possible to be sure they are happy and making money.


What is the “Perfume Marketplace”?

It is an area of our website where our customers can display and sell the fragrances that they create.

If I purchase what happens next?

We will contact you via email to get the details to send your first order for your approval.

What size is the fragrance?

3.4 Ounces, commonly known as a large size in the fragrance industry.

Do I have to buy any inventory?

No, that’s the beauty of this program, we only make the bottles when you get an order, so you don’t have any upfront inventory requirements which normally run into the thousands of dollars. This is quite simply the best and least expensive way to start your own perfume line.

How do I market the fragrance?

You should start by promoting it with your friends and on social media. If you own an existing business you can also market this to your existing customers. We will also market your fragrance on our social media accounts free of charge.

Do you have a money back guarantee on this product?

On this product we do not, because we will spend a considerable amount of time and money in creating your fragrance, your picture, and your web page. Once we start there’s no turning back, but you won’t want to! You’ll want the sales to roll in.

Are there any yearly minimums?

The only requirements to keep your page active is to sell one bottle within a 12 month period.  You can purchase from your own link and this does count towards your one sale.

What if I do not sell one bottle a year? 

If you do not make a minimum of one sale within 12 months, we will reach out via email with a reminder. We will then take down your page, and you will need to purchase a marketplace package again to relaunch. However, we will keep all of your information so if you want to relaunch or buy the product for yourself it will be quick and easy!

Can you make me a coupon code for my fragrance?

We can make you one custom coupon code a month. All you have to do is reach out via email!

How do I sell a 1oz add on? 

Just email us and ask that we add the 1oz bottle option to your product. Our 1oz bottles are a firm price of $15.99 and marketplace customers will receive $5 for each 1oz bottle they sell.

Can I order more product? 

You can absolutely order your own inventory. You can do so right on your link or by sending us an email. You can also order lotions, 1oz bottles and vials through email. Some of these options cannot be sold through your link.

How do I get my fragrance on the front page? 

Our marketplace is ranked based on most popular fragrances. In order to get your fragrance displayed on the front page, your product has to be a top selling fragrance.


3 reviews for Perfume Marketplace Listing

  1. Wailana

    I received my samples today! The design and sample process was such an awesome experience itself! Taylor provided excellent support throughout and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!

  2. Jessica

    They are an amazing team to work with, walk me through every step! Am glad I found them to start my own fragrances.

  3. Shanice

    I am the very first Perfume Marketplace customer and sales have been coming in steady. I can’t believe I own my own perfume business!

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