Our sample process is for customers who know a lot about fragrances and for our customers who know nothing about fragrances. We have custom sample options as well as

3-5 Custom Samples

This option is perfect for anyone looking for custom samples. The process helps us get to know you more as a customer, before you commit to a full sized bottle. We ask that you give us a description of the fragrance you want and provide us with a few fragrances you personally enjoy. By providing us with this information, we get to know your’ fragrance pallet a little better. For example: if you like floral and I like a floral, they might be completely different florals. Providing us with information such as what fragrances you currently like gives us some insight to what that floral might be. Worried that you don’t know enough about fragrances to describe what you want? We are experts so that you don’t have to be, do your best and we will do the rest! And of course, if you have questions always know you can contact us as well.

5 Perfumers Choice Samples

This option is for customers who would like a surprise set of fragrances. Maybe you want a variety to chose from, something new and exciting, or you just really love the idea of 5 new fragrances at a great price! Think of this option like “chefs choice” when you are at a restaurant. You will get whatever scents our perfumer is feeling that day. The best part is, if you find a fragrance you cannot live without, we will keep the recipe on file for you so that you can order it again! For this option you do not need to fill out any of the description information. This option is discounted as the perfumer is not making the fragrance custom for you. Please do make sure to tell us if you have ordered Perfumers Choice in the past so we can make sure not to send you the same thing twice.

Return Policy

We do not provide refunds on this product. It is a ton of work to create custom samples. We have over 500 fragrances in house and our perfumers are creating 3-5 custom fragrances just for you. We do work with our customers as much as possible to be sure they are happy and loving each and everyone of their fragrances.


Who is the sample process for?

The sample process is for anyone! We work with individuals who are not ready to order a full sized bottle, and with customers who are looking to launch an entire fragrance line for their business.

If I purchase what happens next?

We will start working on your samples. If there is more information you want us to know, simply reach out by email or phone.

What size is the fragrance?

Our samples are 1oz. This is a pretty large sample, so your samples will turn into great travel sized perfumes.  They are perfect for throwing in a carry on, having in your car or even keeping in your desk drawer at work.

What happens next?

That’s the beauty of this program, you can do with the samples what you want. We keep your recipes on file, so if you decide you want more of any of your samples, we can just look it up!

I love my fragrance and now I want to order in bulk, what do I do?

Congratulations, you have just entered beast mode. You created something amazing and now you want to share it with the world, or at least a few really cool people! We do not have minimum order requirements, so you can order as many or as few bottles of your fragrance. But, we do offer killer bulk order discounts. You can either email us with bulk order request or go right on the website and use the describe button to order your new fragrance.

Do you have a money back guarantee on this product?

On this product we do not, because we will spend a considerable amount of time and money in creating your fragrance at a discounted rate. Once we start there’s no turning back, but you won’t want to!





  1. Rileigh P

    I was unsure if I would pick the right scents to I went with the custom sampler and HOLY COW they did and AMAZING JOB!!! They are exactly what I wanted and honestly I cant pick a favorite between the 3! 10/10 will be re-ordering especially since the scents last me all day even with me working on a farm! Customer service is also exceptional and I am just blown away! <3

  2. Debbie

    The samples you sent were gorgeous and I couldn’t be more pleased. These are quality fragrances that last all day.

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