Kapture Perfumes, 3.4 Ounces Of Eau De Perfume


Picture yourself standing on the edge of a tropical beach, as the sun slowly dips below
the horizon, casting vibrant hues across the sky. “Sunset Serenade” captures the
essence of this magical moment. The smell of oranges, grapefruit and pink pepper will
make you feel like you are still sitting on a beach, with sun-kissed cheeks. This
fragrance allows you to escape reality, even when the vacation ends. A beautiful sunset
at home will hold just as much remembrance as it did that evening on the tranquil
beach, as you will still be wearing it. As the sun disappears, transferring the sunset into
a twilight night, you will hold the warm scents of vanilla and sandalwood to relax your

A fragrance that sings the melody of a breathtaking sunset. The top notes glow with the
warmth of sun-kissed oranges, radiant grapefruit, and a sprinkle of pink pepper, starting
the serenade. The heart harmonizes with a blend of tropical frangipani, blooming
jasmine, and a hint of sweet peach, playing the twilight tune. The base notes of vanilla,
amber, and a whisper of sandalwood leave a soothing and enchanting refrain.


Return Policy

Marketplace orders are nonrefundable.


What is the “Perfume Marketplace”?

It is an area of our website where our customers can display and sell the fragrances that they create.

What size is the fragrance?

3.4 Ounces, commonly known as a large size in the fragrance industry.

How long does it take to ship?

We typically ship within 5-7 business days. Our shipping is through UPS or USPS which arrives in 3-5 days. If you need your order by a specific date it is best if you contact us after you order to let us know.


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